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Colour From The Dark UK Premier

UK Premier PosterColour from the Dark UK Premier
11am, 24th January 2009 at The Prince Charles Cinema
Leicester Place (off Leicester Square), London

Special one off screening of Ivan Zuccon's latest film, HP Lovecraft adaptation Colour From the Dark. Previously screened only at it's worldwide premier in New York and at the Torino Horror Festival in Italy.

Starring Debbie Rochon (Night of the Living Dead), Michael Segal (Nympha), Marysia Kay (Forest of the Damned, When Evil Calls), and Eleanor James (Hellbride).

The event will be held in the Prince Charles new luxury upstairs screening room with reclining leather chairs. Director Ivan Zuccon and cast members Michael Segal, Marysia Kay, Eleanor James and Gerry Shanahan will be attending along with members of the UK horror press and industry.

A small number of tickets are available to the general public for £10. You can pay via paypal if you add a booking fee of 50p to cover extra charges. Please contact Marysia Kay at marysiak@marysia.com to book tickets or you can book now or get more info at http://www.marysia.com/zcard/colour.html.

Press please also contact Marysia for more information or to request seats.

Check out the special UK premier trailer at http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=44041017747

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