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29 January 2009 @ 03:56 pm
problems with bills.  
I heard you could freeze a t-mobile contract for just £3 a month?

I don't know what to do, cause I'm not getting any results up on google so... I need so has anyone else done this before? (the freezing, not the googling)
Chris: Teaccgig on January 29th, 2009 05:19 pm (UTC)
If you are running into any problems with bills or debt get yourself down to your local CAB they can help you sort out and prioritise your debts. Also speak to T mobile and see if you can change your deal at all although it will depend on how much time is left on your contract. Good luck and don't panic.
from_this_angle on January 29th, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
I worked for them a few years ago and this was normally only available for people going abroad and some sort of proof of the move was normally sought.. Best thing to do is just give them a ring and play dumb and see what they offer you.