August 4th, 2009

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Teletext Letters Page, Today

Today's Tele-Texts comments page has, as one of its two subjects, the torture inquiry - and whether or not we need one. I look at this page, and I see an awful lot of highly bigoted comments against holding an Iraq inquiry, along the lines of:-

"In war sometimes persuasion is needed to save many lives. The terrorists don't care what methods they use, so no inquiry." - Flashy, Wexford

"I'm afraid the welfare of terrorists and terrorist suspects is of no concern to me whatsoever." - Jean, Knottingley

"Why are people so worried about the alleged torture of people who want to torture, maim and kill us?" - Donna, Stroud

"Terrorists deserve no compassion whatsoever." - Jane, Croydon

"Terrorists deserve all they get. They torture and kill their victims without any regard for their human rights. Why does the government show such pity on these monsters? Perhaps they should look into why these terrorists hate and despise us so much." - Richard, Nottingham

(I suspect these posts could all have come from one person texting from half a dozen different mobile phones, but there you have it)

And this is my statement:-

"Yes, we need an inquiry. We need to know if a morally turpid government and people have turned our back on ethical principles which our forefathers fought to enshrine in law.

"Other nations may torture, but we British must not because we are supposed to hold the high ground. If we lose this, we become no different than a rogue state ourselves."

+ + +

I fear we have already lost that cherished status some years ago. But I do need to remind people of what our forebears fought for, and later generations sold off for Nintendo Wiis and cheap bananas.

Now here's the thing, before we go much further. Let's play a game. Let's take all the instances of the word "terrorist" in the rants above, and swap them for any other single word. It's a simple game. Just copy and paste into your word processor, then do a search / replace action on it.

Let's replace the word "terrorist" with the following word, then replace that word with the next one, and so on.

Let's start with ...










See what I mean? With each replacement word, the inherent bigotry becomes ever clearer.

People in my family tree fought to excise this cancer from British society. It would appear to have since relapsed, and in fact thoroughly metastasised.
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Slow loading/not connecting update

I wanted to give you an update on where we were at with the broken formatting and slow load times for LiveJournal that some folks in the UK have been dealing with for several days. At the present time, it looks like we can't do much more about this from our end. However, we've updated the external status page with the most recent information we've got. I'll put it here, just in case any of you would like to pass it on and/or create your own report. Basically, you don't have to be an Easynet customer to be affected - if your connection goes through Easynet, it's probably affecting you.

We have received reports that some users in the UK have been experiencing very slow load times or broken formatting when viewing LiveJournal. At this time, we believe this is not due to anything on LiveJournal's end, but that a provider in the UK (Easynet Global Services) may be unable to connect to Limelight, our Content Delivery Network.

If you are experiencing this difficulty and would like to report it:

1. Do a traceroute to ''. If one of the upstream providers in that route is "", you should then:
2. Do a traceroute to ''. If it does not connect, you should then:
3. Open a Support Ticket with Easynet Global Services to report this issue.

Edit: (Wednesday 1:27 a.m. GMT) from dwell:

It's confirmed (from Limelight's POV) that Easynet/Sky is blocking access to Limelight networks. It's still unknown if this is on purpose or due to a technical cock-up.

In looking at everyone's traceroutes to, I've noticed that UK users are going to 1 of 2 servers. The IPs are: and which are servers in Limelight's London data center.

In hopes that the connectivity problem is limited to the London data center, I've asked Limelight to have their London servers stop responding to requests. This means our UK LJ'ers will start going to the Munich or Amsterdam data centers; it'll be slightly longer but if it works, at least our pages will load!

On the off chance that Easynet can not connect to Limelight at all -- no matter location -- please call Easynet and request that they restore connectivity to Limelight Networks and Limelight users/customers. If the technician doesn't know what that means, have them traceroute to or to prove the problem.
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