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Archbishop "slams social networking"

I'm sure you all read this one, or a headline like it:-

Aka "Gaah! Where's the link?"

To summarise his points:-

- He thinks that people are losing out on real life face to face relationships;

- he asserts that people are losing the basic social skills such as being able to read a person's emotions and body language;

- he maintains that real relationships should take paramount importance over cheap f'lists.

I imagine the Archbishop has a pretty good idea of what he would like to supplant social networking: The Church. If so, he'd be so bloody predictable to say so.

I can't quite agree with the Archbishop, however. For some, social networking sites are the only places where they do have a social life. I could not imagine someone in the 1970s having a happy life if, in trying to come out as gay in some backwoods village, they discovered that they really were The Only Gay In The Village. Now the same thing happens with Star Trek fans, kids who love mathematics and science, and people who just want to meet people that have interests in other than bloody Pringles crisps or "that bird off the X Factor."

I suspect that the Archbishop has to do some more asking around before he can make such judgments on the likes of Facebook, LJ and so on.

Nevertheless, he makes a valid point about the footballers being mercenaries. They're more like whores, in my book.

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