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Do you organise your life though your social networking websites?

Do you organise your life though your social networking websites?

We're looking for people with a huge online presence - the kind who can gather massive crowds together simply by using their social networking connections.

Is this YOU? Do you have over 500 friends on any internet based social networking site (facebook, twitter, Myspace, Bebo etc)? How many are your real friends? Would they answer in your hour of need?

We need 4 Charismatic Leaders - male or female, between the ages of 18-30 who can mobilize their network army for an epic paint fight. Will your Tweets raise the troops? Can a simple facebook message become a successful recruitment drive? Will your appeal gather pace on Myspace?

You will have 72 hours to recruit friends and then to gather your troops at the battlefield where you will be given the means to annihilate the other teams using paint. Lots of paint.

You will be paid £2000 and we expect you to take the task seriously. We will provide you with transport, uniforms and weaponry: melee weapons, thrown armaments and heavy artillery. Think Gladiator, meats[sic] Saving private Ryan but with Paint.

Could you do it? Can you prove your internet popularity is not just on paper but you have the means to raise numbers when it counts?

Applicants should:

- Be battle fit
- Have time to give to the project - we really need you to live this for a few days in order to get enough people - you will be paid for your time
- Understand that we are looking to test the strength of the social networking fabric and you could look stupid on the whole of the internet if your army is only 4 soldiers strong
- Be able to talk to camera if called upon

Apply here: Beonscreen

Don't forget to pass on these details if you know anyone who might be interested

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