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New phone difficulties

***problem solved update***
was advised to download APNdroid which prevents the phone from data roaming on 2g/3g/edge but still lets MMS etc work

does anyone have any experience with the motorola dext? i've recently upgraded to one and i've got massive concerns over its connectivity and that it seems to be constantly connected to 3g.

the 3g logo sits next to the signal bars, but underneath it are two arrows, one up one down, like the usual 'i'm connected to wap' arrows. however, these are grey and every so often they go black, this seems to coincide with whenever the phone is receiving some kind of data, which really does seem to be about every twenty seconds.

i can't seem to find a setting which gets the phone to at least ask for permission to connect, or stop it completely, the only thing i can find that does it, is being connected to my wifi, which, of course will only work when i'm at home, or by going into 'plane mode' which of courses, shuts off any kind of signal then its pointless having it as a phone.

Anyone got any ideas or experience?

Orange tech support just told me to remove the battery and restart the phone that way, which i did and it did nothing, and motorola don't have a phone number to call, only an email form, which of course i've filled out but how long it takes to get a response is anyones guess.

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