Sabulana (darkleporidae) wrote in lj_uk,

I was reccommended to try posting this here so..

I'm looking for anyone in the Tyne and Wear/Durham area who might be interesting in taking in any pets. A friend of mine has moved house and no longer has room for her pets. There are three cats that desperately need homes and the RSPCA will not help unless someone reports abuse. All three have been neutered/spayed. Two of the cats cannot be separated and are mother and son. All three do like the company of other cats.

Also... I know this isn't really the place for it but there are also seven guinea pigs in need of homes but anyone interested will have to provide their own hutch. There are three girls and four boys - one of the boys is antisocial though and will need a separate hutch.

I'm sorry if this isn't really appropriate but these animals do need a good home otherwise they would probably end up abandoned in a truly terrible neighbourhood. I would take them in myself but I cannot afford to feed so many animals.


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