Mark (sunnydays4me) wrote in lj_uk,

"The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other's people money"..Margret Thatcher.
That sentiment was echoed Friday in Ireland as they hit bottom and required a German bailout just as Greece has recently. I would expand upon that a bit.

With Socialism the goverment asks or demands that you give up almost everything.
excessive amounts of pay
freedom (that's a whopper"
I've read that the average urban Brit's image is seen 256 times perday.

Now the fallacy of Socialsm is imploding across Europe. Whether or not you ever get your fiscal house in order, your battle to regain your freedom is long and uphill, probably impossible, and you've no choice as your firearms are now outlawed and surrendered to goverment.

Yes, the US has financial debt. But we're implementing austerity programs to correct it and we're gutting Obama'a universal goverment health care. It has been firmly rejected by the American people. I have been saddened across the span of my adult life as I've watched Western Europe slip off into Socialism and just waited for this moment as I knew it would blow up in your face.

Regardless of what style of goverment Socialism morphs into, the freedoms you've surrendered are dust in the wind.

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