Mark (sunnydays4me) wrote in lj_uk,

The attempted assination of House member Gabby Giffords, and the other 5 killed

I must commend all of you Brits. I had thought that many of you would use this tragic event to leave comments on old posts about our Second Amendment, and our politics here in the USA. Then again you had your Columbria(sp?).
I guess there are going to be nutjobs everywhere, and that's just a reality of liing in a nation of hundreds of millions.

Anyone see the picture of the guy after he was arrested? He just killed five people and wounded about 10 including killing a 9 year old child, and he's grinning like a if he has accomplished something he's proud of.

They better keep him in solitary for life, or until his appeals are up for the death penalty (probably the latter), because once other inmates find out he shot a the back, and murdered a child they will rip him from limb to limb.

Thank God against all odds our Congresswoman is amazingly well off considering.

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