Mark (sunnydays4me) wrote in lj_uk,

What do you guys think.....

is coming to America; America's future when austerity comes here. The BBC being very comprehensive I assume most or all of you are pretty familiar with the devicivness in America, both cultural and political. Things seem to be very volitile although the media downplays. The media predicts no type of civil unrest although our President has 20,000 troops on standby to "supplement" and "aid" any Govenors which may request them to quell civil unrest.
And Obama has requseted authority from Congress to "shut down" the internet in an emergency. I can see no benefit to this except to try to cut communications from/between our militias.

Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys think, because I think you can provide a more objective perpesctive.

Thanks in advance for any opinions voiced. Thank you.

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