wemyss (wemyss) wrote in lj_uk,

An appeal...

... to and for those who’ve not seen it elsewhere, in behalf of Linwood College, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Linwood College is not a school swimming in endowments and bequests and the readies. Their pupil orchestra is a labour of love, sans private lessons and in many cases sans privately-owned instruments. But they’re quite good; they were planning – and had raised two-thirds of the dosh for it off their own bats – a European tour; and last month, they were found they were, as they’d hoped, slated to perform at Westminster Abbey on 25 April, for the Anzac Day Remembrance Service.


That was the day the earthquake struck Christchurch.


Brammers will have further details as they come in as to the means of doing so, but I am urging you all of you to join me in sending material support to the school: you may contact the Principal, Margaret Paiti, PO Box 24 034, Christchurch, New Zealand, to do so whilst arrangements are made for a Trust to be set up.


I implore your assistance.


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