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Sweden won last night with 'Euphoria' by Loreen in the city of Baku in Azerbaijan. Leaving the mighty nation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland second to last ahead of a dancy club hit from an Iranian-Norwegian. 

Do you think it's time we pulled out of this contest indefinitely? Not just us but when you look at nations like Slovakia, Italy or France who just get nowhere. The only favourites seem to be Eastern European, Eurasian, Israeli/Turkish or Scandinavian leaving us to the West as "just happy to be here" while shelling out the most money to fund it. 

The issue of who can afford to host it should not be an issue to who wins it because then they should not even take part and as if our country isn't anti-Europe enough as it is, I believe this competition exacerbates our pre-programmed xenophobia. The sad fact is that nations within Europe do not hate each other as much as they hate the UK and France and this competition just presents a platform upon which we bitterly feel we can never be European and will ever remain the left arm of the United States. 

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